Scott Saylor & Tom Philips
Phillips Landscape Contractors
Laytonsville, MD 20882

James & Doris Bell
18405 Wachs Terrace
Olney, MD 20832

10 November 2005

My wife and I want to express how satisfied and proud we are of the new patio installed by you and your team. Our neighbors have been dropping by, and they are equally amazed. Without question, our patio is the finest in our neighborhood.

The entire experience of the installation from start to finish is memorable. I use the word memorable because working with you has set a standard in my mind that I will always look for in other contractors. When dealing with other contractors, I will now always compare them to Phillips' work ethic.

You took a basic patio design of mine and added very creative details which have resulted in a very unique and beautiful patio. In particular, it was Scott's idea that enhanced the beauty of a french door which opens onto the patio. The idea provides an elegant and graceful entrance onto the patio from the french door. My neighbors, as I, regard this feature as something quite remarkable.

The craftsmanship of the technicians laying the stone is far away the finest that you will find anywhere. These craftsmen worked very hard every day. They were meticulous in how the stone was cut. Each piece was fitted perfectly into the pattern, and the outline of the patio edge is perfect as far as alignment and grace.

The lighting surrounding the patio is entirely the idea of Ron and Scott. I had initially come up with ideas for the lighting. Ron, Scott, and Tom convinced me that it was not right the kind of approach. I am so glad they did now. Their approach turned out to be perfect. Their lighting design enhances the beauty of the patio at night by making the patio seem so much larger and elegant.

I mentioned earlier the "work ethic" of Phillips. I want now to briefly describe what I mean by this. When Phillips told me they would start the job on 14 October at 0700, I was a little skeptical. Rarely, has a contractor I have used kept to his announced starting date or time. Some keep the date but not the time and vice versa. Phillips started on 14 October at 0700. I couldn't believe it. Phillips told me that it would take roughly two to three weeks to finish. I did not believe this either because my patio is quite large and much landscaping would be necessary. Also, there is weather. Well, when Phillips started, the weather had entered into a rainy spell. Phillips worked though this rain period and did finish in two to three weeks anyway. Their team showed up every day, worked the entire day till late afternoon, and managed to keep things relatively clean at the end of the day. When Phillips told me when something was going to be done, it was done at that time. When Phillips told me they would do something a particular way to please me, they did it just like I wanted. Phillips was flexible. I wanted certain changes made as the work progressed, and without a debate Phillips made the changes. Some of the changes involved additional cost, but Phillips never took advantage of the situation. Phillips always kept cost down.

My wife and I cannot thank you enough. It was a pleasure to see this patio become a reality. I look forward to a continuing relationship with Phillips for maintenance and a new front entrance to our home. In particular, we want to especially thank Scott. Scott was the rock that kept our little project anchored and on course.

James & Doris