Phil Schambra & Doni Feldman
9104 Drumaldry Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817

Dear Tom,

It was considerable pleasure that we write this letter to express our great satisfaction with the work performed by your company in the recent renovation of our garden and yard.

The materials selected for this extensive job, relying on your sage advice, turned out to be the ideal choice. Not only are they compatible in shape, texture and coloration with other materials chosen for this work, they beautifully compliment the large brick walls, which are the main architectural feature of our community of contemporary-design residences.

However skillfully the materials for this job were selected, the successful outcome ultimately depended on the capabilities of the men assigned to carry out the work. Here, we want to compliment the individuals who played leading roles in the design and implementation of this project. While all your workers appear to be highly competent and dedicated to their work, there are three whom we especially want to acknowledge and thank.

Scott Saylor’s daily visits to the construction site to oversee progress, solve problems, and conference with us as needed were a major factor in ensuring a smooth-running operation. His knowledge of both greenscape and Hardscape issues, and capabilities in design as well as implementation, are superb and are highly appreciated.

Miguel is obviously a competent and respected leader, and his contributions to this job were essential for its success. We especially valued his patience as we looked over his shoulders. His cooperation in our frequent interventions was an important element in our satisfaction with the project’s outcome.

Julio impressed us by his attention to detail that makes the difference between a so-so product and a superior one. No only does he have the skills in laying pavers to create a superior result, but he is not satisfied until the result is close to perfect.

We are sorry that we did not get Miguel’s and Julio’s last names.

Also, we want to thank the other men working on our project for doing an excellent job, from earth removal and compacting, sand laying, to paver installation and trimming, etc. We especially noted and appreciated the care taken in sweeping the sidewalk and street of any mud and debris at the end of each working day.

In summary, Tom, we feel that you have an outstanding organization producing a superior product. You and your staff have been uniformly cooperative, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with.

Finally, we invite you to feel free to use us as references to other potential clients.