Landscaping Rockville, MD

Landscapes are a very important part of a residential property. They become the backdrop for your home and add to its beauty and appeal. This is exactly why, it’s important to focus on designing your garden and yard in the right way. Many property owners feel they don’t really need the services of a company to handle landscaping for them.

However, the fact is that this is truly a very specialized job and only skilled experts in the field will be able to provide you the kind of services and solutions you require and ensure that you have a well-balanced landscape and one that stays healthy for a number of years.

Phillips Landscapes provides comprehensive landscaping solutions to customers in and around Gaithersburg, Rockville, Frederick, Westminster, Germantown and Hagerstown, as well as across Bethesda, Hampstead, Thurmont and Williamsport. The different types of services include:


When you are getting your landscape installed, you should focus on hiring experts that will understand what your specific requirements are, and then provide you with solutions that work perfectly for you. The landscape will include various features such as softscaping, hardscaping, water features, decorative natural stone features as well as other elements such as lighting and paving etc. When all these elements are used in the right measure, they help create a whole that looks stunning and is highly functional.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is the first phase of the entire landscaping project. The landscape designers work closely with you to clearly understand what your requirements are; based on these discussions, they will then provide you plans that include features such as driveways, walkways, pathways, patios, decks as well as outdoor kitchens etc. Retaining walls and garden steps as well as the right kind of curbing will be included to create a stunning effect in your garden and yard.

Lawn Care

The lawns in your landscaping add greenery and life to your property. They also add freshness to the surroundings and you can use these spaces to play with your kids and pets or even to host parties on. This also means the turf installation has to be cared for well. When you hire a company for lawn care, you should ensure that they have the experience and the expertise to provide you customized solutions based on the size of the lawn, type of grass, the soil and climatic conditions etc.


When you want to hire a company to handle landscaping for you, its important that you contact a company that has been operating in the space for a number of years. This ensures you will also be able to find a reputed company that will be able to provide you high quality services at a reasonable cost.

Since landscape design is such a specialized job, it’s important to hire the services of a company like Phillips Landscapes that will be able to provide you with solutions that work perfectly for you, at a landscaping cost that matches your budget.


Landscape Design
Lawn Care
Retaining Walls
Landscape Maintenance