Irrigation System

Irrigation System

No landscape design can be complete without some kind of irrigation plan. It can be an expensive mistake to install lawns and plant gardens if you do not have a functional irrigation system from Day 1. That is the only way to ensure that your plants will stay alive and thrive. The key to managing garden and lawn irrigation is to choose your plants wisely. The plants that you pick should have similar water needs. Faltering on this front can leave you with a huge job in terms of having a complex irrigation installation set up on your property.

Extensive Experience

Irrigation System

We at Phillips Landscape Group have 20 years of experience in landscape design and installation. We use all our knowledge about plants and their specific water needs while designing and installing your garden. Having the right irrigation system is the next step to the success of the landscape. There are different kinds of irrigation systems that will be used and this will be based on the location and type of plant that needs to be watered.

  • Drip Irrigation - This is a good choice for all kinds of plant & flower beds, vegetable gardens as well as beds that have trees & ornamentals. The drip-emitters put very small amounts of water at the root system. It delivers a steady and slow trickle of water that permeates into the soil. These emitters should be placed as per every plant need. Drought-resistant & drought-tolerant plants ideally should have emitters placed far away from their root system to avoid any shock.

  • Irrigation System Sprinkler System - Sprinklers essentially toss water high into the air, and treat the vegetation to a shower. These should be set to function only early in the morning. Delivering water when the sun is blazing hot results in wastage and this irrigation systems is used to irrigate lawns.

  • Soaker Hoses - These are non-automated drip irrigation features. They are connected to a water source & they “weep” the water from tiny perforations along the entire length of the hose. They can be buried in the mulch or placed above the ground. An extensive irrigation line can be run right across the garden by connecting several hoses.

  • Rainwater Harvesting - This irrigation system is an alternative to city water systems and water wells. The rainwater is collected in barrels/large underground cisterns and then used to water the garden/yard. The trick to rainwater-harvesting lies in preventing evaporation by ensuring a closed system. Rainwater Harvesting is practical in areas where there is paucity of water or if it is not feasible to run electricity in the area that requires watering.

We install the highest quality and most efficient irrigation system based on your specific need. We carry out a survey and provide customized solutions. For the best irrigation systems, call Phillips Landscape Group on 301-368-3636, via email or regular mail at PO Box 5100, Laytonville MD 20882. We also serve the Montgomery and Frederick Counties.