Swimming Pools


Swimming pools are a reflection of the sense of aesthetics and style of the homeowners. Today, it is possible to have pools of all shapes and sizes and it’s not mandatory to have the conventional kidney-shaped or rectangular ones. Pool designing is a unique art and we at Phillips Landscape Group have honed it to perfection. Since we are expert landscapers, we instinctively know what kind of pool will complement the design of your home and the rest of the landscaping.

There are a number of concepts and styles to choose from and you can have elegant French Riviera style pools or ones that are structured on an oasis concept. We can also construct rustic looking or classic looking pools based on your requirement. If you so prefer, spa pools or beach-like designs can also be added to the yard or garden and there are limitless styles and concepts that you can choose from.

Types of Pools


There are different types of pools and no matter which one you opt for, it will add a great deal of value to your property. Houses with pools, in upscale neighborhoods are always in high demand and it is a much-sought after amenity. Surveys have proved that well designed and maintained pools up the value of the property by 15%. Not all pools have to be prohibitively expensive and we can customize the design and style and work within your budget. Here are the different types of swimming pools:

Outdoor Inground Pool - As the name suggests, inground pools are in the ground and are almost permanent additions. Space has to be allocated properly for them and they are a tad more expensive to install and maintain in comparison to other pools. You can choose from fiberglass, guinite or vinyl inground pools and they can have a stone/ glass fence around them.

Above Ground Pools - These pools are extremely popular and there are various options in terms of the accessories that can be added. Typically, the walls of above ground pools are above the ground and no digging is required. These could be structured out of steel/aluminum paneling and many also have a deck around the periphery. This lends it the feel of a classic inground pool.


Endless Pool - These are ideal for smaller spaces and are like water treadmills. Their swimming current is machine powered and they are used to complement spa pools. They are largely therapeutic in nature but can be designed to blend in with the rest of the landscaping.

Jacuzzi Pool - These are not swimming pools in the strictest sense of the word, but are an excellent addition to a patio or a gazebo. In some cases, they may be built adjacent to the main pool. These whirlpools/ hot tubs can be used for relaxation/hydrotherapy.

Bringing the Family Closer

Pools encourage families to spend more time together and they also add a lot of beauty to the outdoors. Apart from this, a pool adds definite charm to your yard. For the best pools, reach Phillips Landscape Group on 301-368-3636 via email or regular mail at PO Box 5100, Laytonville MD 20882. We also serve the Montgomery and Frederick Counties.